Rabbi Shmuly and Chani Rothman are campers for life!  They directed Camp Gan Israel in Pittsburgh and established Machane Gan Yisroel in Chicago.  Rabbi and Mrs Rothman are known for their passion for emotional safety and happy Yiddishkeit.
Camp Tof Shin Pei will be the needed breath of fresh air that will bring girls together with friendly staff and like minded Lubavitcher girls.

Rabbi and Mrs Rothman will be guiding the direction of camp and training the hand-picked staff to be best equipped for the Zchus and Achrayos of caring for the precious girls making up the camper body of Tof Shin Pei.

On-site Directors:

Rabbi Naftali and Zissy Reinetz are both invested in chinuch working as teachers for young children in Chabad Mosdos.  From a young age Rabbi Reinetz and Zissy have been working in summer camps in various leadership positions.
They are both very excited to give the campers an emotionally safe and spiritually uplifting camp experience.